schriefer, natalie cropped

Photo Credit: Corey J. Hudson

Hi there! I’m Natalie Schriefer.

I’m a writer, editor, and full-time over-thinker grappling with thoughtful living — do my actions reflect what I think, or what others try to mold me into? Where do my beliefs and values come from? Why, exactly, do I do what I do?

Many of us are on autopilot: we plug away at jobs we don’t like to spend money on material things that don’t make us happy, and after graduating from college and landing my first full-time job, this was exactly where I found myself. I woke up, worked, came home, and slept. I told myself this was success — a degree, a reasonable commute, a steady, manageable job. This was what I was “supposed” to do.

Until one day I stopped doing it.

I wanted to write and edit, to publish my own work and also help other writers hone their craft. I could no longer justify working a job that didn’t bring me closer to achieving my dreams and aspirations — so I quit. The months that followed required mountains of hard work, but I have yet to regret my decision.

This business is the product of my choice to follow my creative dreams and live my life happily and authentically. Feel free to peruse my publications to get to know me (and my writing style) better; my services page offers more information on the work that I do.

Thank you so much for stopping by!