After spending a good portion of my childhood writing stories and editing my friends’ pieces, I knew my college experience would include writing and editing. In the years since, I’ve worked in classroom and group settings as well as on an individual basis with clients located across the United States. My goal as a business is to provide clients with affordable but high-quality writing and editing services.

Editorial Services

As a freelance editor, I offer two services:

  1. Proofreading/Copyediting — This is the technical side of writing. I correct issues in spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation. If your piece needs a final look-over before you submit it to a contest or for self-publishing, this is the service for you. Looking to have something else proofread, such as a manual, menu, nonfiction article, or website? No project is too small.
  2. Editing/Line editing — This service deals with your writing craft itself. Editing can include the identification of tonal shifts, overused words/phrases, confusing or stiff writing, character development issues, and ways to shorten or expand scenes as needed. If you’re looking for direction with or feedback for your piece, start here.

Writing Services

My interest in editing stemmed from a love for writing. I’ve published a number of short fiction pieces and poems, and am currently expanding my repertoire to include essays and articles. Need an article for your journal or magazine, or content for a website? Let’s work together!

Interested? Have Questions or Concerns?

Email me at I’d love to hear from you! Please include detailed information about your work and which service interests you. If you have a deadline for your project, please let me know.